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You can, if you have the time and patience, search the internet to find the answers to your questions.  However, according to the United States Department of Commerce you must first know what questions to ask and this is the point of greatest failure.

If it is your wish to conduct business in either the domestic or foreign marketplace this site is your best answer.  Critical and accurate information has been assembled in a logical sequence to save you valuable time.  This empowers you with the ability to move swiftly towards success armed with the awareness of both questions and answers.

There are others offering a limited range of information, but there is no other site coming even close to the broad field of information provided here. 

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With subscription you remove the need for one or more employees just handling research.  And, this can be accomplished for as little as .64 cents per day.

Guarantee Refund Policy

You only pay for the time of use of your subscription.  You are granted a seven day grace period upon original application.  After which, once starting a months subscription, that month is not refundable; cancellation only applies to the following month.

Language Translations

Translations are automatically structured into the site for the following languages:
Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

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U.S. Dollar *Annual Subscription $ 280.70
Monthly $ 29.24

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Monthly £ 14.99


*Annual Subscription € 214.36
Monthly € 22.33

20% Savings for Annual Subscription
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