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Data Matrix presents the world in a clear and precise manner. The Internet is a wonderful place, providing unlimited access to information. And, for those of you who habitually surf; you know how much of your valuable time can be spent in pursuit of the details necessary to bring about success. This Site is what every researcher and businessman has been waiting for. A one stop - time saver where current, accurate and detailed information is quickly available. And for the entrepreneur exciting opportunities are identified with critical decision making details.

We start with World Organizations , their creation, mandate, members, programs and funding opportunities.. Can you do business with any of the organizations? If so, how?

Next, you will discover the most comprehensive website for Country Information . Providing an in depth look at the structure, functions and activities of the countries of the World. Can you do business with any of these countries? What could they want from you? What could you want from them?

Look into Key Economic Sectors of which there are some 42 presented through 10 primary Sectors. You will find exciting and valuable information here. With many dedicated sites created for subjects, such as; Natural Resources, Industry, and the site on Communications.

Learn how to set up and operate a business through an AID TO BUSINESS . Then there is a compete and comprehensive guide in an AID TO TRADE.

All of this is supported by specific help and information on many subjects such as Financial Services including contacts, guidance and specimen documents.

We invite your interest and inspection of the information and opportunities presented.
Critical details are reserved for Members only.

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