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Acknowledgements and research sources

The website was originally commissioned by Euromatrix United Kingdom Plc in order to research the concept of collating business and trade data between the United States and some 16 countries of Europe.  In time the ad-hoc research mission grew and interest in the project expanded.  Interest came from various directions such as: the Commonwealth, the United Nations and other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; all of whom we wish to thank along with their representatives and the cooperation of their agencies.

Our research team has had the benefit of substantial input in the development and compilation of this site from the academic community in their disciplines and their valuable input.

The compilation of the site was preceded by a survey of the academic community on their experiences with research, business and trade and the resources accessed in other countries.  The final version of the site was subject to a broad evaluation process within academic circles.  We are grateful to all contributors for their comments and suggestions which helped us to clarify the site and enhance the ease of the use of this site.

Today, networks link people, software, libraries, computational resources and data archives, and they enable unprecedented communications, coordination and collaboration among them. Powerful distributed applications enable new forms of research by collecting, disseminating, analyzing data, and collating data from models or simulations.

Other powerful applications include the networked services essential to our daily lives, such as cell phones, email, banking systems, transportation systems, critical infrastructures, distributed inventory control systems, and modern environmental observing systems. New knowledge is needed to improve the design, use, behavior, and stability of these widely distributed systems.  A better understanding of this historical shift towards increasing connections and interdependencies among heterogeneous systems and how to harness their potential in service to society is necessary.

The Priority Areas encompass a broad range of research and education topics in which Information Technology (IT) plays a critical role. A number of Technical Focus Areas cut across these National Priorities, including: 

  • Integration of computing, networking, human-computer interfaces, and information management to support reliable, complex, distributed systems (int);
  • Innovative approaches to the integration of data, models, communications, analysis and/or control systems, including dynamic, data-driven applications for use in prediction, risk-assessment and decision-making (dmc);
  • Interactions and complex interdependencies of information systems and social systems (soc); and
  • Innovation in computational modeling or simulation in research or education (sim)

It is evident that the information compiled on this site would not have been possible without information already stored on various websites and the help from the following people and organizations.  We wish to acknowledge their help and in many cases, their original material.
Amongst the various websites the following have been essential and cannot be recommended too highly as premier reference sources:

United Nations
European Union
Council of Europe
The Commonwealth
Nuclear Energy Agency
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Org.

The United States Government
The Government of Canada
The Government of Ireland
The Government of The United Kingdom
The Government of Australia
The Government of New Zealand
The Government of South Africa

Including various Departments, Agencies and Sites:
Small Business Administration
World Economic Forum  *
U.S. Agency for International Development *
United Nations *
Amnesty International UK *
Australian Government *
United Nations Industrial Development Organization *
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency *
Council of Europe
The Commonwealth *
Library of Congress
Patriotic Music
UNZ Export/Import Compliance Resource Center (American)
U.S. Government Printing Office
U.S. Department of Labor
Canadian International Development Agency
The White House
U.S. Department of State
Department of Commerce
Stanford University
Yale University
Harvard University
Duke University
University of Michigan
University of California at Berkeley
University of California at Los Angeles
University of Massachusetts
Department of Trade and Industry
Business Link
CBSC Canada
Federal Office of Foreign Trade Information
The International Federation for Information & Documentation
The U.S. Department of Commerce
The U.N. Conference on Trade & Development
The U.N. Information Center
Eurostat of Luxembourg
US International Development Cooperation Agency
National Commission on Libraries and Information Sciences
Office of the US Trade Representative
Annuaive Statistique Quarantieme edition, United Nations
The World Flags
Flags of the World
The Guinness UK Data Book
Europa Publications Limited
Library of Congress
U.S. National – Trade Data Bank
United National Development Program
United Nations Environment Programme
International Federation for Information & Documentation
UN Fund for Science & Technology for Development
World Fund Council
Food & Agriculture Organization
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
International Development Association
International Finance Corp
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
International Fund for Agricultural Development
U.N. Industrial Development Organization
World Health Organization
African Development Bank
Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa
Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development
Arab Monetary Fund
Asian Development Bank
Overseas Private Investment Corporation
The National Trade Data Bank
Office of the United States Trade Representative
Central Intelligence Agency
The Export-Import Bank
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Bureau of Census
Bureau of Export Administration
Bureau of Public Affairs
Department of Labor
Department of Energy
International Trade Administration
U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service
The World Factbook
National Income & Product Accounts
Operations of U.S. Affiliates of Foreign Companies
Operations of U.S. Parent Companies & Their Foreign Affiliates
U.S. Assets Abroad & Foreign Assets in the U.S.
U.S. Businesses Acquired & Established by Foreign Direct Investors
U.S. Direct Investment Abroad
U.S. Expenditures for Pollution Abatement and Control
U.S. International Transactions
Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S.
Foreign Traders Index
Investment Guides
Lexicon of Trade Terms
North American Free Trade Agreement

Research included the following list of International Organizations


United Nations
European Union
Council of Europe
The Commonwealth
Nuclear Energy Agency
NATO – North Atlantic Treaty Org.

African Union
Andrean Community
Artic Council
Artic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation
Asian and Pacific Coconut Community
Asian Productivity Organization
Associacion Latino Americana de Integration
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Caribbean Community and Common Market
Caribbean Export Development Agency
Centre of Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific
North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation
Commission for Labor Cooperation
Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa
Commonwealth of Independent States
Community of Portuguese Speaking Nations
Consultative Group of International Agriculture Research
Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women
Council of the Baltic States
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Free Trade Association
European Central Bank
European Patent Office
European Union
EC/USA Cooperation
The European Commission
Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Free Trade Area of the Americas
G8 Information Centre
Group of 77
Inter-American Development Bank
Inter-governmental Authority on Development
International Bureau of Education
International Criminal Police Organization
International Development Association
International Finance Corporation
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International In statute for the Unification of Private Law
International Labour Organization
International Monetary Fund
International Trade Centre
Inter-Parliamentary Union
Islamic Development Bank Group
League of Arab States
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
Nordic Council and Council of Ministers
North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation
North American Free Trade Agreement Secretariat
Non-Aligned Movement
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe
Organization of American States
Organization of the Islamic Conference
Parlamento Amazonico
Pacific Island Forum
Secretariat of the Pacific Community
South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
Union of International Associations
United Nations
            Dag Hammerskjold Library
            Departments of the UN Secretariat
            Global Issues on the UN Agenda
            Permanent Missions to the United Nations
            The Specialized Agencies
            United Nations CyberSchoolBus Resource Source
            United Nations News Centre
            United Nations Press Releases
United Nations web sites organized by area of interest Economic and Social Development
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Development Programm
United Nations Statistics Division
WomenWatch Statistics and Indicators
United Nations Research Institute for Social Development
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Law
Statistics Research Sources
UN documents
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
The World Bank Group
World Customs Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Trade Organization

Non-Governmental – NGO’S

Freedom House
European Policy Center
Amnesty International
Transparency International
International Committee of the Red Cross

Associazione America Latina Messico Asia
Aarde-Woerk, Adviesbureau
ABANTU for Development
American Institutes for Research
Association Advancement Agricultural Sciences Africa
Center for Woman’s Research
Chemonics International, Inc
Cordially, Cross-Cultural Solutions
European Court of Human Rights
India NGO Directory
International Cooperation for Development and Solidarity
International Medical Corps
Management Sciences for Health
Mercy Corps International
Organisation of African Unity
Outreach International
Project Hope
Red Crescent Society
Relief and Rehabilitation Network
Research Triangle Institute
Sabre Foundation
Save the Children
Search for Common Ground
Union of International Associations
United Way International
Voluntary Services Overseas
World Food Programme
World Health Organisation
World Learning
World Relief
World Service Enquiry
World Vision

Private Support Organizations

Customs Co-operation Council
World Customs Organization
Free Trade are of the Americas
International Cooperative Alliance
World Trade Centers Association
International Chamber of Commerce
Coordination Committee for Multilateral Export Controls
Community Development

American Film Making Association
British Broadcasting Corporation
Bulgarian-American Enterprise Fund
Business Software Alliance
CBI – Confederation of British Industry
Council for Agriculture Science and Technology
Education Development Center, Inc
Entertainment Software Association
Institute for Global Communications
Institution for International Education
Institute of Directors, UK
InterAction – American Council for Voluntary International Action
Interactive Digital Software Association
International Executive Service Corps
International Intellectual Property Alliance
International Law Institute
International Research and Exchange Board
International Trademark Association
Motion Picture Association of America
National Music Publisher Association
Pacific Basin Economic Council
Partners for the Americas
Project Concern International
Quality Assurance Project
Recording Industry Association of America
Software Publishers Association
U.S. – ASEAN Business Council

Development Organizations

Overseas Development Council
Inter-American Development Bank
International Development Exchange
Department for Internal Development
Center for International Private Enterprise
Business Alliance for International Economic Development
Director General for Development Cooperation

Abantu for Development
Academy for Educational Development
ACCION International
Adventist Development and Relief Agency
African Association Advancement Science Technology
Agency for International Development
Agricultural Cooperative Development
Arab Authority Agricultural Investment Development
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
Association of South East Asian Nations
Australian Agency for International Development
Autorite Arabe Investissements Development Agricules
Bellanet – The Global Development Connection
Bond (British Overseas NGOs for Development)
Canadian International Development Agency
Center for Development and Population Activities
Cooperative Housing Foundation
Deutsche Gellschaft fuer Technische Zyusammenarbeit
Department for International Development
Development Alternatives, Inc
Development Associates
Development Gateway
Electronic Development and Environment Information System
Enterprise Works Worldwide, Inc.
Food and Agriculture Organization
Icelandic International Development Agency
International Development Law Institute
International Development Research Centre
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Relations and Security Network
Japan International Cooperation Agency
Management Sciences for Development
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Overseas Development Council
Praxis – Resources for Social and Economic Development
Research and Technological Exchange Group
Romanian-American Enterprise Fund
SRI International
United Nations Development Programme
Virtual Library on International Development
Working in International Development
World Resources Institute

World Financial Institutions

World Bank
European Central Bank
Asian Development Bank
International Finance Corp
International Monetary Fund
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

African Development Bank
Bank for International Settlements
Barclays Bank
Berne Declaration, Switzerland
Both Ends, Netherlands
Bretton Woods Project, UK
Campaign to Reform the World Bank, Italy
CEE Bankwatch Network
Center for Economic and Social Rights
Central Bank of West African States
Coord Organization for Rural Development, India
Decoin, Ecuador
Environmental Defense
Essential Action/Multinationals Resource Center
Export-Import Bank of the United States
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
50 Years is Enough
Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering
Focus on the Global South, Thailand
Friends of the Earth International
Friends of the Earth, Japan
Friends of the Earth, US
G-20 (Finance Minsters of 19 Countries)
HALIFAX Initiative Coalition
Hong Kong Shanghi Banking Corp.
Institute for Policy Studies, Sustainable Energy & Economic Network
Instituto del Tercer Mundo, Uruguay
Inter-American Development Bank
International Campaign for Tibet
International Finance Corporation
International Fund for Agricultural Development
International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development, Indonesia
International Rivers Network
International Fund for Agricultural Development
Islamic Development Bank Group
Japan Bank for International Cooperation
Narmada Bachao Andolan, India
National Westminster Bank
National Wildlife Federation
North American Development Bank
Oxfam America/International
Paris Club
Pacific Environment and Resource Center
Pesticide Action Network, North America
Probe International, Canada
Rainforest Action Network
RedBancos, Latin American Network
Rede Brasil, Brazil
Rios Vivos Coalition, Brazil
Romanian-American Enterprise Fund
Sopbrevivencia – Friends of the Earth Paraguay
Social Justice Committee
Sustainable Energy and Economy Network
The Bank Information Center
The Compliance Advisor/Ombudsman
The World Bank Inspection Panel
The World Conservation Union
Trasparencia, Mexico
World Bank
World Economy, Ecology & Development, Germany
World Resources Institute

Grant Makers – Primary

Asia Foundation
The Foundation Center
Africa-Focused Grantmakers
International Funding
European Foundation Centre
The Commonwealth Foundation
Middle East Focused Grantmakers
International Grants and Funding
U.S. International Grantmaking Foundations

Amoco Foundation
The Arch Foundation International
AT&T Foundation
Bank America Foundation
Bell South Foundation
The Ben& Jerry’s Foundation
Benton Foundation
The Big Ben Foundation
African Development Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation
American-Hymalayan Foundation
Asia Pacific Focused Grantmakers
Asia Pacific Philanthropy Information Network
Asian Development Bank
Canadian Based Foundations
Canadian Government Grants and Loans
Central and Eastern Europe-Focused Grantmakers
Charity Village
CharityNet Resource Center
Civil Society International Sources of Funding
Coca-Cola Foundation International Programs
Colombian-American Community Foundation
The Commonwealth Foundation
Cottonwood Foundation
Deborah Kluge’s International Grantmakers
Deutsches Spendeninstitut Krefeld
Directory of Funding Sources for Environment NGO’s in Central and Easter Europe
Earth and Space Foundation
Eurasia Foundation
Feed the Minds
Fideicomiso Pro ViVah (Mexico)
Food Gardens Foundation (South Africa)
Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Foundation
Friends & Partners Funding / Exchange
Funders Online Directory (European Funder Directory)

General Indices and Reference Information

Union of International Associations
Internatonal Development Agencies
The Commonwealth Secretariat
Global Watch
Portals to the World
World Fact Book (CIA)
BBC World Service
Geo Hive – Statistics
New York Times
International Chamber of Commerce
American Association of Port Authorities
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
CAP – Research Group on the Global Future – Statistics
United Nations and International Statistics Programmes
National Statistics Offices
Global Internet Statistics
National Technology Transfer Center
International Trade Statistics
World Bank Economics and Trade
Bank for International Settlements
International Monetary Fund
International Finance Corp
International Bank for Reconstruction & Development
Inter-American Development Bank
European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
European Central Bank
Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
Asian Development Bank

United States Government

Agency for International Development
Department of Commerce
Census Bureau
International Trade Administration
International Trade Commission
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Trade Information Center
Department of Justice
Bureau of International Labor Affairs
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Department of Agriculture
Department of Health and Human Services
Department of State
Department of Treasury
U.S. Customs Office
U.S. Harbor Authorities
U.S. Airport Authorities
Environmental Protection Agency
Food and Drug Administration
Library of Congress
Office of the Trade Representative
Patent and Trademark Office
White House
National Economic Council
Export-Import Bank of the United States
U.S. Trade and Development Agency
U.S. Government Information Sources
FedWorld Information Network
Government Information Exchange
USA History
US Embassy Germany
Business Law, University of California
Business Law, University of Michigan
Business Law, Yale University
Business Law, Harvard University
Business Law, Duke University
Funding Agencies and Other Organizations of Interest
Fundsnet Canadian Foundations and Funders
Fundsnet International Grants
Fundsnet Latino Grants
German Foundations Index
Gifts in Kind International
Glimmer of Hope
Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis
Global Philanthropy Foundation Database
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic
Grantsmanship Center International Grantmakers
Guide Annuaire des Fondations et Des Associations (France)
Guide to Funding and Participation in European Union Programs
Harvest Help
Humanitarian Relief Organizations
Interamerican Development Bank
International Community Foundation
International Finance Corporation
International Foundations
International Service Agencies
Internet Prospector’s Non-U.S. Foundation Grants
Izumi Foundation
Japan Foundation Center and Japanese Foundation Links
Kiwanis International
Latin American and Caribbean Focused Grantmakers
Lions Club International Foundation
Mexican Center for Philanthropy
Nature International Grants Register
Nippon Foundation
Nonprofit International Grantmakers
Oak Foundation
Open Russia Foundation
Peace Parks Foundation (South Africa)
Philanthropy Australia
Relief Web
Rotary Foundation
Soros Foundation National Foundations and Information Centers
Star Media Foundation
United Children’s Fund
US Based International Grantmaking Foundations
U.S. Civilian Research and Devellop0ment Foundation
University of British Columbia Office of Research Services
Virtual Foundation
World Bank
World Bank’s Foundation Partnerships
Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support

United Nations


United Nations International Development Org.


North Atlantic Treaty Organisation


World Economic Forum














Business Link United Kingdom



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