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Datamatrix-UK Limited is a British Company registered in North London. It's Directors and Officers reside in England. For contact information see CONTACT US.


To provide critical information and guidance in the formation and operation of day to day business and trade.

This database has been created as a: TIME SAVING WORK STATION

How to successful conduct business with, within or from the United States of America . Conducting business with ,within or from Canada , Ireland , Australia , The United Kingdom and New Zealand .


This project is the result of a meeting in 1993 between Euromatrix United Kingdom Plc, its principle Directors and Mr. Moorehouse with the U.S. Department of Trade and Commerce whose responsibilities covered some sixteen Embassies in Europe . This meeting took place in the U.S. Embassy in London . At that time we were informed that the U.S. Department of Trade and Commerce represented through the sixteen U.S. Embassies in Europe was faced with two problems.

The first was that a new entity had come into being "The European Community, later to be renamed The European Union". The problem facing the Americans was that this new entity wished to be known and dealt with as a 'Single Market'. This newly conceived 'Single Market' initially was composed of 13 countries (now 25 countries). Each country had its own identity, culture, currency, language, as well as legal and accounting practices.

The second was that although the Embassy was provided with computers and software; there was insufficient staff (a budget shortfall) to respond to the enormous number of queries coming from the United States .

The website developed by Datamatrix-UK Limited was originally commissioned by Euromatrix United Kingdom Plc (a Public Limited Company) in order to research the concept of collating business and trade data between the United States and the countries of Europe . In time the ad-hoc research mission grew and interest in the project expanded. Interest came from various directions such as: the Commonwealth, the United Nations and other countries like the United Kingdom , Canada , Australia and New Zealand .

Although the challenge was excepted it soon became apparent that the United States was not the only country facing this problem. Datamatrix was faced with an enormously complex and costly undertaking. During the conceptual period it became apparent that Countries outside of the United States were also faced with a similar problem. In addition they had a somewhat similar problem in seeking to do business with or within the United States . With the United States they were faced with both Federal Laws and Regulations and the individual laws and regulations of each of the 50 sovereign States plus the 11 Territories.

Many approaches were studied as to what would be the most productive and practical method of providing guidance and help to those seeking answers. What you have in this site is the result of years of research and harmonization of common business factors and practices, while at the same time pointing out the differences between the countries.

Today, networks link people, software, libraries, computational resources and data archives, and they enable unprecedented communications, coordination and collaboration among them. Powerful distributed applications enable new forms of research by collecting, disseminating, analyzing data, and collating data from models or simulations.

Our research team has had the benefit of substantial input in the development and compilation of this site from the academic community and in the use of their disciplines.

The compilation of the site was preceded by a survey of the academic community on their experiences with research, business and trade and the resources accessed in other countries. The final version of the site was subject to a broad evaluation process within academic circles. We are grateful to all contributors for their comments and suggestions which helped us to clarify the site and enhance the ease of the use of this site.

A similar composite of information is being developed to present the countries of the "European Union" in a similar manner. Meaning that those most common areas will be pointed out and areas of difference will also be identified and made clear at the touch of a mouse. In the case of the EU you will find that there are EU regulations and laws which apply and may override the individual countries laws and regulations.

On behalf of the Management we wish to thank you for your interest.


Datamatrix-UK Limited

Registered Offices at

Company Number: 05075897
Datamatrix-Uk Limited
49 Kings Drive
Edgware, Middlesex
United Kingdom HA8 8ED

E-Mail support@datamatrix-uk.com

See 'CONTACT US' for department details.

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