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John Hamlin

Designed to highlight information critical to conducting successful business and trade. A compilation of the most complete and accurate information on over 220 countries, islands and territories. Make your country selection and see where it is in the world. You will find the latest current factual information plus a view of the countries history and projections for the future. And critical information on commercial airports and harbors.

Next you will be provided with considerable detail of the country with special links to current events, as well as specific information required to conduct business or trade. You will be amazed at the number of direct links provided to critical information.

There is no other web site where this kind of information has been compiled. Every attempt has been made to make this site both accurate, current and attractive to both the researcher and the educator. It is our desire to provide you with the most complete picture of the country being researched. A number of countries have been selected to have special reports compiled. Such is the case of the United States, where not only the Federal Government is described in detail but each and every State is detailed, as well.

We invite your interest and inspection of the information and opportunities presented.
Critical details are reserved for Members only.

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